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To Crown what you want is the motto that we, AWJ Development Company, have launched. It is not just a slogan, but a complete vision and the ultimate goal to build a unique future that we envision and strive for with all our strength to achieve and provide to all our clients who are seeking residential, administrative, and commercial units for investment purposes.


Believing that fulfilling the desires of our clients and satisfying the Egyptian real estate market’s needs is the key to success, we invest with full confidence that we are on the right path that positions us as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.


After our establishment in 2010, we have presented a range of the best investment projects, exceeding a total value of one billion Egyptian pounds.


Continuing this overwhelming success, we present the Venezia project, which fulfills the golden triangle always set by AWJ Development Company as its focus: Product, Destination, and Price. This is what all investors and clients seek when making a purchase and investment decision.


Venice Al Motamayz  | To Crown what you want


The space of the Venice project

The Venice project is spread over a wide area, and distributed according to the needs of customers. The project consists of a group of separate buildings within the privileged neighborhood of Badr City, covering an area of 880 acres, equivalent to 3,360,000 square meters. This is an enormous territory, which was divided as follows:


  • The area of buildings occupies 55% of the total land area.
  • Green spaces, landscapes, and facilities cover 45% of the total land area.


The design of the Venice Al Motamayz project

One of the key features offered by Awj Development in Venezia is the architectural and engineering design of the project. Venice Al Motamayez includes 14 separate buildings within the distinguished district of Madinat Badr. The buildings are designed in the style of luxurious villas and are divided as follows:


  • Each building consists of a ground floor, 4 upper floors, and a roof.
  • The building comprises 2 duplex units and 2 apartment units.
  • There are also penthouse units available.
  • The streets within the Venezia project area range in size from 18 square meters to 22 square meters.

venice al motamayz


Currently available units in Venice

Currently, in the Venezia complex, there are several units available with varying sizes, and the units can be delivered as red brick or semi-finished. The available units include:

Apartments 140 square meters:

  • Comprising: 2 reception rooms + 2 small bedrooms + a master bedroom with an attached bathroom + kitchen + secondary bathroom.

Duplex 280 square meters:

  • Divided into Lower ground floor consisting of a reception room + master bedroom with an attached bathroom + kitchen + secondary bathroom.

High ground floor:

  • Consisting of: 2 bedrooms + kitchen + bathroom + master bedroom with an attached bathroom + garden with an area of 95 square meters.

Penthouse 175 square meters:

  •  Including 2 reception rooms + kitchen + bathroom + terrace + 2 small bedrooms + a master bedroom with an attached bathroom + a rooftop comprising a room and a bathroom.

About AWJ Development Company

Awj Development Company is one of the leading companies that has been operating in the real estate development field for over 13 years, with financial investments exceeding one billion Egyptian pounds.

Since that time, the company has successfully made a strong impact in the Egyptian real estate development sector, delivering numerous commercial, administrative, and residential projects. These projects have been characterized by their exceptional features and services, placing them among the top investment projects that ensure the highest financial returns for investors.

In addition to the many advantages offered by Awj Development in its projects, its vision of “Destination – Price – Product” has played a significant role in achieving this success and dominating the Egyptian real estate market. Its motto, “to crown what you want,” is a tangible reality for all those who invest in the company.

The previous projects of AWJ Development:

  1. Bait al watan the Fifth Settlement.
  2. F83 – F85 Buildings.
  3. Ondixa Village, North Coast.
  4. Urban Mall project.
  5. Venecia project.
  6. Lake Yard Residence project.

Venice Al Motamayez project location

At Awj Development, we firmly believe that selecting a strategic location is one of the key factors that our clients look for. As part of our “Destination – Price – Product” triangle, we have successfully achieved this goal by choosing the most prestigious area in Madinat Badr, Cairo for the creation of the Venezia project. This strategic location near major areas and projects has provided Venezia with a competitive advantage for investment. Some of the key factors include:

  • 5 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, starting from the government district.
  • 5 minutes to New Heliopolis City.
  • Close proximity to the Regional Ring Road and Suez Road.
  • 60 minutes to reach Ain Sokhna city.
  • Close proximity to renowned residential projects in New Cairo, such as Mountain View and Palm Hills.
  • Easy access to the Medical City.
  • Hyper One Badr City is just minutes away from the Venice project.
  • Easy access to well-known clubs in New Cairo and Fifth Settlement.
  • Close proximity to international schools and universities, including:
  • The Russian University.
  • The British School.
  • Badr University.
  • Future University.
  • Heliopolis University.

Venice Al Motamayz location

Features and services of Venice Projects

Venezia project offer a wide range of features and services that cater to everyone’s desire for a luxurious and ideal lifestyle. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Educational Facilities: Venezia is in close proximity to various educational institutions, including prestigious universities such as:
  • The Italian University.
  • Russian University.
  • Badr University.
  • American University.
  • Additionally, renowned international schools are easily accessible.

  • Transportation Network: Venezia projects are well-connected to surrounding areas and cities through a reliable transportation network, facilitating convenient commuting.
  • Medical Facilities: The largest medical city, built on a 137-acre area, is within close proximity to Venezia projects. 
  • Several well-equipped hospitals are nearby, ensuring access to top-quality healthcare services.
  • High-Quality Infrastructure: Venezia projects boast high-quality infrastructure, guaranteeing comfort and excellence.
  • Mega Malls: Over 16 mega malls offer a seamless shopping experience, providing a wide range of essential and entertainment goods. Famous international brands are also present.
  • Hyper One Mall: Residents of Venezia projects can conveniently shop at the 35,000 square meter Hyper One Mall, meeting all their needs.
  • Dining and Cafes: Venezia’s location on Suez Road allows easy access to a variety of cafes and restaurants. Moreover, commercial projects in Badr City provide additional dining options.
  • Stunning Garden Views: The projects overlook the largest central park in Egypt, offering breathtaking garden views.
  • Sports Clubs: Wadi Degla Club and El Sayed Club are located nearby, providing residents with access to sports and recreational activities.
  • Security and Safety: Awj Development ensures the presence of advanced security systems, surveillance, and vigilant guards to create a new standard of living in Badr City.
  • Banking Services: There are dedicated areas within the projects that host multiple banks for residents’ convenience.
  • Low-Density Residential Area: The projects feature low-density residential areas to maintain privacy, elegance, and tranquility.
  • Pleasant Climate: The Venice Al Motamayz project enjoys a suitable and moderate climate throughout the year.
  • Places of Worship: The area is characterized by the presence of various worship facilities, allowing easy access to prayers at all times.


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