lake yard

Lake yard compound is an integrated residential complex provided by AWJ development company in the finest residential areas of Badr City (the distinguished neighborhood), on a vast area that included all the basic and entertainment services that will make you enjoy all the details of your daily life, and build unique moments of happiness with your family and friends.


If you are looking for a real opportunity to get away from the crowded population, but still close to everything you need such as educational, medical, entertainment, and marketing services, then Lake yard compound is the best choice for you.


This is in addition to many of the features that Lake Yard has, which in turn has made it one of the most important and best residential complexes in Badr City and nearby areas.


Awj development company offers the lake yard project with everything that the client may need one day or is looking for, and all this can be obtained with the lowest down payment for contracting, and with the longest payment periods in the distinguished Lake Yard neighborhood.

lake yard

Features of the lake yard compound location

  • His presence in the tourist neighborhood.
  • Close to many famous universities, it is minutes away from the Russian University, Badr University, and Italian University.
  • It is characterized by easy access to the city of the new administrative capital.
  • It takes a few minutes to get to the Medical City.
  • There is a huge road network in the region and it is equipped for easy movement from one place to another.
  • The LRT train is minutes away from the Lake Yard residence compound.


Lake Yard is the only residential complex located within the privileged neighborhood. The distinguished neighborhood is also considered a living area suitable for immediate habitation.


The construction of the distinguished neighborhood has been started since 2016, and it will be completed definitively in the current year 2023, the area of the distinguished neighborhood is fully 800 acres, which means that it will include all the necessary needs for a quiet life and free from any negatives.


Lake yard residence design

Awj Development is always keen during the implementation of its projects to study and implement the best engineering design for the entire project, and when it is finished, the architectural design begins and works to make the most of the space it has allocated for the implementation of the project.


In addition, the company has hired a group of top engineers and designers from all over the world, and from companies that are partners of success in previous projects with which AWJ Development cooperates.


This is already evident in the lake yard distinguished neighborhood project, the design of which was divided into two parts, the first part was for the largest part of the project area, which was allocated for green spaces, landscape, services, and facilities, while the second and smaller part was for buildings.


Which came in the Lake Yard Residence penetrates among the plants with their different colors, to separate them from each other, and gives its residents a quiet and distinctive atmosphere, and enough freedom and privacy, to live all the details of their daily lives in the best way they have always dreamed of.


Which in turn also helps them in building new and unique happy moments with the whole family, our main goal at AWJ Development company is customer comfort and our motto is: to Crown what you want.

lake yard

The area of the Lake Yard compound

The Lake Yard project was built on an area of 129,034 square meters, equivalent to 33.1 acres, and the number of units reaches 620 units divided into:

  • The number of 120 units of the villa type “townhouse”.
  • There are 25 buildings consisting of a garage and 4 lofts “G+4”.

It is worth mentioning that the lake Yard has 3 entrances for easy entry and exit from the project, thus counting the occurrence of any traffic on the entrances and exits. We would like to mention that the expected number of individuals who will stay in the compound is up to 2,700.

We strive to provide a better life befitting you and your family

Currently available units in Lake Yard and their prices

There are currently many units and villas available in the lake yard residential complex. You can choose the right unit for you with areas ranging from 185 square meters – 220 square meters.

AWJ has been interested in the lake yard project and the implementation of the construction of buildings at the highest level, at competitive prices that suit all segments to achieve high investment returns.

Prices vary depending on the size of the unit you choose and generally start from 1,650,000 EGP.

lake yard

Advantages of investing in Lake Yard compound

Real estate investment comes as one of the best options available to everyone who is looking for safe investment opportunities away from risk, putting money only in banks, or entering into a project where there may be a risk ratio and exposure to loss.

This is due to the fact that real estate investment is an old one and it is the choice that everyone prefers, as it can be taken advantage of with a fixed or variable return depending on its importance in the area of its presence.

This makes owning a unit in the Lake Yard residence offered by AWJ company a better option, as the project is the first of its kind within the area of the distinguished neighborhood.

Once you receive your unit, you can put it up for sale again at a much higher price than at the time of purchase, or by renting and investing it for a period of years.

This is due to the prestige and importance of the residential project in the vital area chosen by Awj development, as well as the abundance of basic and recreational services, which made the price per meter in the area constantly rise.

Lake Yard Residence | more than just a residential compound, it is an investment in the future

About AWJ Development Company

AWJ Development company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development with more than 13 years of experience, during that period it succeeded in establishing many projects that made it one of the best companies that provide real investment opportunities that guarantee customers a higher return on investment.

The company owns investments in the Egyptian real estate market with a financial value exceeding one billion Egyptian pounds, with these investments the company was able to conquer the field, put its mark and gain the trust of many customers and investors.

The previous projects of AWJ Development:

  • Urban Mall.
  • Ondixa North Coast
  • The project of Beit el watan of the Fifth Settlement.
  •  Beit Al Watan F85 – F83 Buildings.  
  • The Venicia project.

Who are the consultants involved in the implementation of the lake yard project?

AWJ Development company has contracted with Canadian Consultant, which is considered one of the largest companies in the world and has a great experience that has exceeded the number of 26 years since it was founded in 1996, and since then it has been providing the best possible in the field of real estate.

The company is distinguished by the presence of its business in many countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and many others, in addition to the fact that a Canadian Consultant company does all stages of projects, starting from architectural planning and construction, up to electrical engineering and others.

Partners of AWJ development company

AWJ development company has cooperated with several companies that are among the most famous companies in the world, and all of them have successful and huge businesses that have earned them a big name in the field of real estate development.

Canadian Engineering Consultant

One of the leading companies in the field of engineering consulting, with more than 25 years of experience in this field, it has succeeded in conquering many Arab markets in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Canadian Consult is distinguished by its provision of many services and practical stages in the field of planning, engineering, and architecture. It is worth mentioning that the company’s headquarters are located in the United States, in addition to having offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Egypt.

ACE-Moharam Ba Khom

One of the oldest and largest companies specializing in engineering consulting, it has a lot of experience in this field. She has worked on many projects in all disciplines related to the fields of project planning and design.


The company has been able to implement more than 1000 projects, including 60 projects in the new administrative capital, the company has implemented many diverse residential, administrative, and commercial projects, and the most important projects it has undertaken are Nile Business City – compound sole – Grand Square Mall – Paris mall and others.

Brain to fact Company

The company works in many fields, including marketing, trade, recycling, and other various fields, the company was founded in 2005, and its experience reaches more than 15 years, and has implemented projects for the most well-known brands, including Al Arabi, LC Waikiki, and others.

Invest now and book your unit, taking advantage of the current competitive prices

Lake Yard location

AWJ development company believes that one of the most important factors for the success of any real estate project is the selection of the best geographical locations for its construction, so it was keen to choose a strategic location characterized by proximity to all the basic and recreational services necessary for living.

The decision came to implement the lake yard residence compound in the heart of Badr City, in the Fourth District and the distinguished neighborhood, and this location is characterized by its close proximity to Suez Road. This is in addition to its proximity and view of the largest Central Park in Egypt, which reaches an area of 80 acres.

Features and services of the lake yard residential complex

In order for the meanings of life to be completed, the project had to contain all the basic and recreational needs necessary for living, and AWJ development has already worked on this in providing and providing the following services and features:

  • The project contains all the necessary needs for a safe life free from any negatives or intrusions, the most important of which is the proliferation of surveillance cameras that monitor all movements inside the lake yard compound.
  • There are special gates for the project, for the processes of entering and exiting cars from the compound, thus checking all the characters frequenting the project, and following up on that.
  • Lake yard residences compound is surrounded by a strong concrete fence, in order to increase the sense of security and safety inside the compound.
  • The project is staffed by security personnel and guards trained at the highest level.
  • There is a commercial mall with an area of 8600 square meters, near the compound, and therefore Lake Yard residents find all their needs of basic goods and entertainment.
  • The company has allocated an area of 2.5 acres to build a sports club that provides the residents of the compound with all their needs to maintain their physical fitness and spend quality time with friends and family.
  • The units are distinguished by their proximity to various places of worship.
  • There is also a social club.
  • Lake yard residence has swimming pools of different shapes, designs, and depths to suit all ages.
  • There is storage for each unit in addition to a private garage for its own car, where the compound includes 500 parking spaces.
  • To ensure the safety of children while riding a calf a special bicycle route has been created.
  • Cleaning services for the entire project throughout the day.
  • Plant care of trees and flowers is carried out periodically, in order for the residents of the project to live the best times of their quiet life inside the Lake Yard.
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