buildings f83 beit al watan

F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings is one of the distinguished projects presented by AWJ Development in the massive Beit Al Watan project. This is a continuation of their previous successes in Badr City and the distinguished neighborhood.


Beit Al Watan Towers offer luxurious and diverse residential units in terms of designs and sizes, starting from the ground floor and extending up to the rooftop.


AWJ F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings enjoy an ideal location close to services and vibrant areas, in addition to their sophisticated and modern design that makes you feel like you reside in the most beautiful corners of the earth.


Believing in our motto “To Crown what you want,” we have provided numerous features that have made our units in Beit Al Watan among the best available options for anyone seeking residential units for living or investment. This is because we firmly believe in the success triangle we have set before us (product – price – destination), which we have already achieved and delivered in Beit Al Watan Towers.


You can now reserve your unit in F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period, accompanied by the competitive prices offered by AWJ Development.


Awj Development | to Crown what you want


buildings f83 beit al watan


Design of Buildings F83 Beit Al Watan

We believe that providing sufficient space for project implementation is one of the key factors for success. Ample space allows us to offer and provide everything our clients are looking for in terms of diverse services and various spaces that fulfill their desires. Here are some details about the space and distinguishing features of F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings:

  • The project overlooks a street with a width of 20 square meters.
  • Approximately 55% of the project area is allocated to buildings.
  • 45% of the space is designated for services, green areas, and gardens.
  • The design of the towers is elegant, resembling villas, and consists of a ground floor and three upper floors with a loading ratio of 25%.
  • Each floor consists of three apartments.

The unit Spaces in F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings:

  • Apartments on the ground floor start from 145 square meters, with a garden area of 120 square meters.
  • Apartments on the ground floor with an area of 160 square meters, attached to a garden of 65 square meters.
  • Apartments on the ground floor with an area of 173 square meters, with a garden area of 80 square meters.
  • Apartments on the upper floors start from 171 square meters and go up to 202 square meters.
  • Roof units start from 171 square meters and include an attached open terrace, covering an area of 394 square meters.

buildings f83 beit al watan

Prices of units in F83 Beit Al Watan buildings and payment and installment systems

At Awj Development, we are always committed to providing competitive prices in our projects, in line with our core values of delivering projects that excel in terms of product, price, and destination. Our tremendous success in all our projects is a testament to our strong execution of these principles.

Based on this commitment, we have offered unparalleled prices compared to the services and features included in F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings. Additionally, we prioritize offering multiple flexible payment plans that assist all our clients in owning their units within the project. These payment plans are as follows:

  • First Payment System: 15% of the total unit price is paid upon booking, followed by an additional 10% after one year from the reservation, then another 10% within two years. The remaining amount is then paid in installments over a payment period of up to 72 months.
  • Second Payment System: The customer pays 30% of the unit price upfront, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over a payment period of up to 72 months, with a discount of up to 5%.
  • Third Payment System: The customer pays a 50% down payment of the unit price, and the remaining amount is paid in installments over a payment period of up to 72 months, with a discount of 10%.

It is worth mentioning that the F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings project is expected to be completed by 2024, with delivery scheduled within two and a half years from the contract date, following a semi-finished condition.

buildings f83 beit al watan


Awj Development Company 

The F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings join to projects of  AWJ Developments Company. Since our establishment in 2010, we have made a strong impact in the field of real estate development, with our financial investments in the Egyptian market exceeding one billion Egyptian pounds.

We have successfully delivered numerous projects that have gained the trust of many clients and investors seeking real opportunities that ensure higher returns on investment.

The name Awj Development has become synonymous with security for all investors. Our motto, “To Crown what you want,” has become a reality, and our philosophy which we strive to implement in our projects (product – destination – price), has positioned us as one of the top real estate development companies in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that Awj Development is an Egyptian company and a member of the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building. We are registered with the Investment Authority.

In addition to our real estate development activities, Awj Development offers a wide range of services, including real estate marketing, property investment, finishing works, and contracting.

The previous projects of AWJ Development:

  • Lake yard Residence Compound in Badr City.
  • Venezia Al Motamayez project, located in front of the New Administrative Capital.
  • Ondixa Resort on the North Coast.
  • Execution of a collection of residential towers in the Haram area.
  • A wide range of distinctive projects and residential towers in the Beit Al Watan area. This includes F83 Beit Al Watan Towers, which are part of the Beit Al Watan project, along with F85 Beit Al Watan Towers.

Bait Al Watan F83 Buildings location

The location of F83 Beit Al Watan Towers is aligned with our three objectives (destination – price – product), and we have indeed achieved this goal by selecting the best areas in Beit Al Watan City to create and implement the project. The buildings are located in the First District, which is one of the best neighborhoods in the area, and it enjoys a strategic location characterized by the following:

  • A strategic location between Madinaty and Al-Rehab cities.
  • Easy access to the Future City from the Beit Al Watan project site.
  • A few minutes away from the Suez Road.
  • Very close proximity to the Ain Sokhna Road, in addition to its proximity to the Dahshur interchange.
  • Located near the North 90th Axis.
  • Minutes away from the South Bin Zayed Axis.
  • Connected to the Middle Ring Road, linking it to the New Administrative Capital.
  • Easy access to the South Bin Zayed Axis and the North 90th Axis.
  • Located near the Qarnfil neighborhood.
  • F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings are close to many landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, such as Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
  • Located near Garden Hills and Sheelout Park projects.
  • Just moments away from the Northern Expansion Area in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Less than half an hour to reach Cairo International Airport.
  • Located near Club Street, which includes Al Ahly Club, Al Jazeera Club, and Al-Sayyid Club.
  • Access to 6th of October City in less than 60 minutes by car, and Ain Sokhna in approximately 73 minutes.
  • Easy access to many educational services, such as renowned international schools and universities.

Features and services of Bait Al Watan F83 Buildings

Awj Development Company has ensured the provision of all essential, recreational, and basic services and facilities in the F83 Beit Al Watan Buildings project.

This was done to meet the needs and desires of customers looking for luxurious residential units for sale in Beit Al Watan.

This gives them peace of mind when purchasing their units in Awj Development’s Beit Al Watan Towers, whether for investment purposes or to live in a fully integrated residential community. Some of the key features and services include:

  • The buildings have integrated infrastructure that provides all essential services.
  • All units in Awj Development’s Beit Al Watan Buildings enjoy unique views of green spaces.
  • The towers are located near various important basic services, such as educational and medical facilities, as well as marketing and recreational services.
  • Cleaning services are provided continuously throughout the day.
  • Regular maintenance is conducted for all services and facilities provided in the project.
  • Plant care services are provided for all surrounding trees and flowers in the F83 Beit Al Watan Towers.
  • Comprehensive security services are available to ensure a completely safe living environment, including 24/7 surveillance cameras to monitor all movements, and highly trained security personnel to control any unusual incidents.
  • Each unit in the project has its own intercom system for easy communication.

– The architectural design of Beit Al Watan buildings is of the highest level of elegance and luxury, with strong glass facades and marble entrances, in addition to high-quality finishing and coordinated colors.

– All buildings are equipped with modern elevators for easy access.

– There are dedicated car parks with continuous camera surveillance throughout the day and night.

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